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  Catalogue of Library Service Siena Catalogue REDOS
  Library of Congress Normal High School College of Pisa
  University of Genova University of Udine
  University Bicocca - Insubria Crusca Academy
  University of Sassari University of Pisa
  European University Institute Normal High School College of Pisa - Retrospective
  University of Louvain Società Internazionale per lo studio del Medioevo latino
  University of Cassino California State Library
  Catalogue of Brandenburg Common Library Network
  University of Perugia Oxford University Libraries
  National Library of Canada Unione Romana Biblioteche Scientifiche
  University of Insubria - Bicocca University of Camerino
  University of Bergamo Melvyl
  Enea University of Verona  
  University of Firenze  

Search hints:

Hint If you choose Yes for "Words adjacent," you can type in the phrase computer programming and the system will understand that you want only records that have the word computer NEXT to the word programming. Adjacency is not performed if the set contains more than xxx records.

Hint Lowercase letters will find matches of capitalized words also. For example, computer will find matches for computer, Computer and COMPUTER.

Hint You may use the Boolean operators AND and OR in your search string. For example, you could type (heart OR cardiac) AND surgery to retrieve all records having heart or cardiac in them, together with the word surgery.

Hint Use the ? character to find matches that contain portions of words. For example, gun? will retrieve gun, guns, gunners, gunnery, gunning, etc. In another example, ? ology will retrieve anthropology, archaeology, psychology, etc. The ? character may also be used to find variant spellings. For example, alumi?m will find both the American spelling, aluminum, and the British spelling, aluminium.

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